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Braces for Adults

Braces for Adults

For many people, the word “braces” conjures up an image of a pimply teenager with an unsightly mouthful of metal. These days, however, more adults than ever are wearing braces and other orthodontic devices in order to correct malocclusions (also known as “bad bites”). In fact, about a third of all adults see an orthodontist, or a dentist who specializes in malocclusion treatment, on a regular basis.

Adult braces have several benefits: they are highly effective, come in a variety of styles, and offer predictable, positive results. However, the primary difference between Houston braces for adults and braces for children is that it takes longer for the treatment to take effect—as long as 12-18 months, in a number of cases. With that said, orthodontic treatments work the same for grown-ups as they do for kids, with the happy end result being a healthy, beautiful smile.


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How Do Adults Benefit From Braces?

Although we may not wish it to be so, the fact is that people are often judged by their appearances—and the look, the shape, and the color of one’s teeth are no exception. But an adult should not get braces for aesthetic reasons alone. Believe it or not, but misaligned teeth can impact a variety of tasks many of us take for granted: eating, chewing, swallowing, and even speaking.

With braces for adults, Houston patients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Produces straighter, healthier teeth
  • Allows for better brushing habits
  • Reduces the incidence of tooth disease and decay
  • Wards off plaque build-up between teeth
  • Lessens the likelihood of tooth injury
  • Safeguards against digestive disorders
  • Enables easier breathing through the mouth

What Braces Are Available for Adults?

A visit to see the orthodontist works the same way for adults and children alike. First, the orthodontist will perform a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth and gums by using a combination of human techniques (e.g., physical examination) and technological tools (e.g., x-rays).

After the examination has been completed, the orthodontist may recommend that the patient be fitted for an orthodontic device. In such a scenario, the following options of braces for adults would be available:

Traditional braces – The most commonly recognized style of braces, they are comprised of individual brackets cemented to teeth and accompanied by an archwire that brings the brackets together. These braces are available in a variety of styles, with“tooth colored” ceramic being the most popular.

Invisalign – Invisalign is arguably the most familiar brand name in the orthodontic industry. They are clear aligners (or trays) that are easy to remove and more comfortable than traditional braces. However, they should be worn for the recommended daily amount of time for maximum effectiveness.

Lingual braces – One of the key benefits of these devices is that are fixed on the tongue side of the teeth, making them practically invisible to the naked eye. The downsides of these metal appliances is that they tend to be a bit more pricey than other braces and can also interfere with normal speech.

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