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Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Many patients who are unsatisfied with the state of their smile can remedy the problem with porcelain dental veneers from Galleria Dental. Our porcelain veneers mimic the appearance of natural teeth by employing thin, durable strips of tooth-colored porcelain. These veneers are custom designed to fit the patient comfortably, as well as match the size, shape and color of the patient’s real teeth.

Get the Facts About Dental Veneers

Our Houston dental veneers are just one of a number of prosthodontic procedures we provide to our patients. So why should a patient request dental veneer treatment above other forms of cosmetic dentistry? There are a number of signs that could indicate that you need porcelain veneers, such as repairing chipped or cracked teeth or filling in gaps and spaces. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why veneers are the right choice for many patients.

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Our goal is to work with your schedule and to provide you with dental care when you need it. Call us when you wish to be seen and we will make every effort to meet your particular needs. You can also request an appointment online and one of our office staff will contact you to verify your appointment.


Why Get Dental Veneers?

For those living in Houston, dental veneers are a cosmetic procedure we routinely perform to create a beautiful, healthy smile. A lot of our self-esteem can be traced back to our “smile confidence. Being able to smile free and easy, without worrying about broken and discolored teeth, can help us build lasting bonds with others and make us feel good in the process. Best of all, our Galleria dental veneers are thin enough to be virtually invisible to the naked eye—thus, strangers and casual acquaintances will be none the wiser!

Another compelling reason to acquire Galleria Dental veneers is to treat cracked, chipped or broken teeth. Typically, teeth become broken during a sudden collision accident, such as a car crash, and often require immediate emergency surgery in order to avoid an infection or worse. A prosthodontist can stabilize the break with customized porcelain veneers that integrate uniformly with the patient’s pre-existing teeth.

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Finally, dental veneers can realign shifts and gaps in your teeth so that patients can laugh or smile without embarrassment. Our prosthodontists can help craft customized porcelain veneers that adjust the size, shape and color of one’s natural teeth to his or her liking. In short, dental veneers offer a comfortable, long-term solution that will result in a pleasant-looking set of teeth for years to come.

The Galleria Dental Veneers Process

Installing dental veneers is an easy, painless procedure that is typically completed in two office visits. During your first visit, a Galleria Dental prosthodontist will buff and shape the surface of the patient’s teeth, provide a list of veneer color options, and create a mold or impression so that the veneers fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth. On the second visit, the prosthodontist uses a bonding cement to meld the teeth and the veneers together, followed by a dental laster to set the bond in place.

It really is that simple! The staff at Galleria Dental is always happy to answer any questions patients may have about dental veneers and our other dental procedures. So don’t hesitate to call or visit us now to find out more!