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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

A significant number of Americans do not visit the dentist for regular checkups because they are too fearful or suffer from dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry offers an excellent way to provide a safe, anxiety-free, dental experience to those who are afraid of the dentist.

Learn the Facts About Sedation Dentistry in Houston

What is sedation dentistry? In a nutshell, it is a medical field that specializes in the use of sedative medications such as nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation and IV sedation in order to help relieve anxiety during dental procedures. A common misconception about sedation dentistry is that it induces sleep in patients—in fact, the majority of patients are conscious during the procedure. Levels of sedation range from minimal sedation, in which patients are awake and conscious, to moderate (or conscious) sedation, in which patients are conscious but may not remember much afterwards, to deep sedation, in which patients are nearly unconscious but can still be revived if necessary. In some cases, general anesthesia may be administered during which patients are completely unconscious.


A key reason for the popularity and success of our Galleria sedation dentistry services is that the sedatives we give to patients can be taken orally. As a result, our patients do not have to deal with the pain and fear associated with needle injections and other unpleasant delivery systems. This enables our trained and experienced Houston sedation dentistry staff to perform its duties with the safety of our patients foremost in mind, while also remaining compliant to established procedures for treating those with moderate to severe dental conditions. Other advantages of sedation dentistry include the following: the medications have few side effects; they allow for more dental treatment to be accomplished in a given visit; and the procedures that utilize sedation take less time to complete than ones that do not.

At Galleria Dental, we recognize that the thought of visiting an office of sedation dentistry in Houston can be an unpleasant one. But never fear—our skilled dental experts will provide the appropriate form of sedative, whether it is provided during your dental visit or even the night before. Contact us today to find out more about your sedation dentistry options and to schedule an appointment for treatment.

Galleria Sedation Dentistry Options

What types of sedation dentistry medications are used in our dental procedures? As mentioned earlier, oral sedation is a common method; this form of sedation is commonly delivered in pill form and ranges from minimal to moderate. But there are also other options such as inhaled minimal sedation (i.e., nitrous oxide), IV sedation and conscious sedation. Here is some brief information about these alternative sedation methods:

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a mild sedative that is delivered by breathing it in, along with oxygen, through a nose hood. This sedative is designed to elevate the mood and overall well-being of the patient, thereby helping him or her relax. Not only does nitrous oxide place the patient in a calm state, it wears off quickly enough that a patient can drive under his or her own power afterwards.

IV Sedation

IV, or intravenous, sedation is a moderate sedative that is delivered through a patient’s vein. As a result, it is fast acting and can make one feel as if he or she has slept through the entire procedure. As a general rule, IV sedation is used for shorter treatments, since it tends to take an immediate effect and makes patients feel groggy and sleepy afterwards. For this reason, it is recommended that a designated driver pick up the patient once the procedure is concluded.

Conscious Sedation

This sedation method is commonly employed for patients who are anxious about the use of needles and require a moderate state of sedation. They are usually provided in oral form, which helps dull the senses to the point where patients do not register pain during the procedure.

Your Galleria Dental sedation dentist will analyze your full medical history and assess your current medical condition before administering the sedative option that is right for you. To learn more, speak with one of our experienced dental experts today.